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Fluid Retention


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Fluid Retention -
Indication of Malnutrition

Noted swollen ankles, feet and legs. If you can press your finger into swollen leg and leave a fair sized indent in it. This type of swelling is called "pitting edema."

It can have many causes including bad or absent valves in the veins of the pelvis, thighs and legs. It can also result from malnutrition. Laboratory values with a very low serum albumin level can indicate malnutrition. This is one of the major problems in the blood and which helps to keep fluid (water) in the blood vessels and out of the tissues. Since it is so low, a lot of the fluid which normally would have been kept in the blood circulation had leaked out into the tissues of the persons lower extremities.

You can bring this on yourself by trying to loose more weight by not eating right or not eating at all. Not taking the vitamins or getting enough protein just because you want to loose weight faster. This is the wrong way to accomplish your goal of loosing more weight. Fluid retention as a symptom of malnutrition is a condition that has the probability of further complications. But can be quickly corrected by intravenous medicine, usually as an inpatient at the hospital.

This reinforces the importance of eating a balanced meal and maintaining your protein levels as well as taking vitamins and other doctor instructed supplements.