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Check out the section about:
"Post-op Problems & Cures."
There is a lot of new information there.
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I have started publishing a News Letter. And although I haven't figured out how to get this publication out as an E-zine yet, I am putting it up as part of this website. The first issue was May 2002 and each month more and more people are finding helpful information in its pages. I do hope you will take a moment to check out the current issue.

There is a new
WLS E-zine/News Letter
"Weight Loss Surgery Bulletin"
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On this page I will list all of the new items/information as part of my main information database. Please check in often because I will frequently update these pages with new items.

Daryl Davidson* P.O.Box 354* Millington* TN* 38083

Coming Soon...
NEW Topic List from the OSSG.
Obesity Surgery Support Group.


Collection CD-Rom
I am planning on making available a CD-ROM with most of this website on it. Then you can check out all this information without being on-line. Using a searchable index will give you the ability to search for any topic you want quickly.
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