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Please Stand By:
Under Construction

This is where I give you a chance to tell me what you think about my web site. Is there anything you would like to see me offer? Do you have any questions or comments? I want to help everyone learn about the wonderful benifits from Weight Loss Surgery, so please let me know what you think.

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Related Links

In this area, I will include any links related to Weight Loss Surgery or sites that I have visited and find infomative by people that have had Obesity Surgery. 

While this site is "Under Construction" please visit my other website
(Gastric Bypass).
After this site (WLS Information) is up and running my older site will come down.
So Please Bookmark this page.
Thank You for your patience during the transition.


Since I am creating this website from scratch, I have a question for "You:"
What do you look for at a website about Weight Loss Surgery?
Please drop me a line or two about what you would like to see on this site.

Here is what some Visitors have said:
"I look for insurance experiences mostly...but before I was at this
stage it was what the scar looked like after surgery and how bad it hurt."
"I love to see pictures, but I also like to read what other people have gone through in their journey."
August St. Amand- Maine
Lap RNY Oct. 15, 2001   -150
Dr. PA Aslam- Augusta Maine
" favorite ones keep their progress pictures and journal entries..."
Lisa Bennett
"...I'd like to hear about other post-ops excersise routines... I really love hearing about how much someone's life has changed after having WLS."
Lisa Bennett
open rny 5/23/01
Dr. Alison Clarey, D.O.
- 94 lbs so far! (April 2002)
"How about a list of activities that you can do now that you were not able to do before WLS?  Like, I went snowboarding this winter for the first time in my life.... No way was my 300lb butt going down a mountain before!"
Suzan Woods
"I vote for photos and stories of reconstructive surgery following weight loss."
"I'm six weeks post-op.  I had a lap. gastric bypass and would love to see RECIPES on your site..."
Gayla in Louisiana
pre-op: 206
DOS:   195   2/20/02
today:  172   4/06/02      -34 lbs. gone forever
Dawn Mitchell
"I enjoy...  also comparisons of different surgeries."
"...waiting on consult appt. just beginning my journey."
Diane Myers
"What about having something where you could post a list of those surgery dates, so people who wanted to, could send best wishes via e-mail on those dates.  Sort of a Coming Attractions board.  It could also be used for those "Landmark" dates when you have passed the Century mark or reached goal.  Times like those would warrant a nice "congrats" from the rest of us. And, one last suggestion.  A listing of television specials on weight loss would be nice.  I don't get a TV Guide, so it might help to know when there are specials coming on."
Diane Myers from Arizona
Pre-Op and Ready......I go in June 20th 2002

Activities, (new lifestyle changes post-op)
Comparisons of different styles WLS
Exercise Routines, (post-op)
Insurance  Experiences
Journal  Entries
Personal  Stories
Pictures, Before & After
Pictures, Post-op Scar
Pictures, Progress
Pictures, Reconstructive
Upcoming Persons Surgery Dates
Upcoming WLS TV Specials

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