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Feedback is not the same as Vomiting:

If you are having a problem with feedback, you should:

1. Take small bites of food.

2. Chew food 30 times before swallowing.

3. Take a full three minutes between bites (use your three minute egg timer as a visual aid).

4. Set fork and knife down between bites.

5. Do not drink liquids with meals (stop drinking fluids one-half hour before eating and do not resume fluid until a minimum of one-half hour after eating).

6. Avoid foods which have triggered feedback in the past.

After gastric bypass surgery, only a very small percent of the stomach (about 3%) is available for food. In general, gastric bypass patients feel full very soon after eating. Their small stomach pouch can only hold up to one ounce of food or fluid at a time. They get the signal that they are full much sooner than they did before surgery. Eating too fast can be a problem for the gastric bypass patient. Gastric bypass patients who eat too fast experience feedback. Feedback occurs when food goes down too fast (or in some cases the wrong food is eaten) and comes right back up. Feedback may also occur after taking too large a bite or not chewing food well enough. Feedback can even occur when a gastric bypass patient takes in fluids at the same time they eat.