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Anemia  (Iron Poor Blood)

Anemia is a problem for the gastric bypass patient because the main area in the  intestine that absorbs iron is bypassed. Some iron is absorbed in other areas, but not enough to prevent anemia. It sometimes takes years for your iron stores to be used and anemia to become a problem. It is important for the doctor to run regular tests to check your iron level. Other problems can also be found with this test. It is recommended that your iron level be checked at six months, one year, 18 months, two years, and annualy thereafter following your gastric bypass surgery.

Some symptons of "Anemia" are pale looking skin, spoon shaped nails, being tired all the time, and shortness of breath.
Iron is a necessary part of every red blood cell. It helps to build hemoglobin which helps to take oxygen to every part of your body. If the doctor prescribes an iron supplement for you, please take it as directed. This is the only way to restore iron to your blood. Do not give blood! your blood is needed by You.