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Post-op Scar Photos


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Did Someone Say "Scar?"


I am about four months post-op in this picture. As you can see, I still have the feeding tube in my side. In this picture I have been NPO up until the prior week, when I started on liquids. The Feeding Tube was removed the day after this picture was taken.


This picture was taken one year after surgery 11/12/99.I am very pleased with the way my scar has lightened up. It is still noticeable but not like it was just a few short months ago. By the way, notice how much smaller my belly is. This is after loosing 177 pounds.

My surgery was an "Open" Gastric Bypass with Distal RNY.
Dr. Cowan really likes to open his patients up so he can have a good look around! Besides I had a 62 inch waist line at the time of surgery. With that big a belly I was not worried about scars when I put on a Speed-O style swim suit!
I hope you know I was just joking about the Speed-O.