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This is your opportunity to describe the different Support Group Meetings and other related Get-Together Sessions that you want to tell about.
So, send me your notices and I'll put them here for everyone!

Support Group Meetings:

UT Medical Group, Inc.
The Obesity Wellness Center
Department of Surgery
920 Madison Ave, Suite 926
Memphis, TN 38103
1st Monday of each month 5:30pm

Date: Sunday, July 7, 2002
Time: 3:00PM - 5:00PM CDT (GMT-05:00)
Houston WLS Support Group
Meeting at Park Plaza Hospital

Support Group Meeting
-No June Meeting-
Come to the July 13th Meeting
Brownlee Woods Presbyterian Church
Youngstown, Ohio
From 10am until12 Noon
Contact: Denise Rasley

Support Group Meeting Ashland, KY
July 18, 2002 then continues on
3rd Thursday of every month
Beech Street Christian Church at 7 pm
Contact: Lisa Porter


UT Medical Group, Inc.
Dr. George Cowan, Jr.
Department of Surgery
UT Coleman Building
956 Court Ave., Room 134
Memphis, TN 38103
1st Thursday of each month

NC Bandsters
First Support Gathering
Saturday May 25th at 1 pm
Cary, NC
Contact: Susan

fzdyer <> Felicia :)
It's protein party time!!!
July 12
We have a clothing exchange, a huge swim spa, pool table, ping pong, whatever. Bring hubbies, bring kiddies, we have 3.5 acres and can
chain the kids out in the yard, LOL.

I live in the DC area, about 60 miles west of DC. Write me for

Felissa, Glenn and I will be whipping up shakes by the dozen, in the
specific flavors that YOU decide. I can make a mean Wendy's Frosty
reproduction. Like Starbucks? You ain't seen nothing til you've
tasted ProBlendd55-bucks, lol.

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