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Background and philosophy.

My Mission

I believe everyone deserves the chance to chase their dreams. Hopefully before each of our lives are over, I would pray that we catch hold of our dreams and make them a reality. For me, I have always wanted to write. And when writing, I love the research that writing requires. So here in the modern age of computers and the World Wide Web - I have caught hold of my dream and made it a reality. I know my grammar and syntax is not the best. But I believe, as one of my college professors told me: "If you communicate your message to another and they understand what you meant, the grammar was correct."

At some point in the future I will come up with my specific "Mission Statement." But for now ... my mission is just to write something that makes sense! Let's have some fun with it and you can join in by sending me your comments.

My History

I had my weight loss surgery in November 1998. This operation was the turning point in my life. I have gone from a very miserable existence to where I am now: Healthier, Happier, and more Socially Acceptable. This is a very good thing!

I am a 46 year old male who was not a childhood fatty. I was not even a fat teenager. I lived and played in the rough country side of the Mississippi River Bluffs. I was not much into athletics, but I was very much into the outdoors: hunting, camping and tramping through the woods in search of adventure. As a matter of fact I still look upon pictures of me in my late teens with amazement. I was muscular and even had a washboard stomach. With a full head of hair and a strong body, I looked pretty good.

In my late twenties I began to relax my efforts with body building and my muscle definition began to fade. My weight began to increase and I was on my way toward obesity. At first I thought that it was just temporary and that I could cut back on what I was eating and loose the extra pounds. Not so easy... I found that I couldnt loose the extra pounds by just cutting back. Now I believed that I was going to have to go on a structured diet because I could see that I was not going to be able to do this alone.

Dieting gave me temporary success. I did loose some of the extra pounds, but shortly afterwards, the weight I lost came back and more! As soon as I relaxed the diet ritual -- Wham! the weight loss became, weight gain. Then I began to see myself as a failure. This caused me to start eating to console myself. What a vicious cycle, I was getting fatter so I would get depressed. Then I would go get some food and after eating I would feel better. As a side effect of this little eating binge, I would gain more weight! Then depression and I would want to go get more food.... The cycle had begun!

I ended up weighing around 370 pounds.

Then "Weight Loss Surgery," and now three years later I weigh around 180 pounds. Life is good.

Enjoy my publication and send me your thoughts of what you want to learn about. I love research, so send me your requests. Then come back each month and see how this Website/Newsletter develops.

After you finish with this publication go to my new website and get much more information. And remember this publication will come out with new information on the first of each month. I will change the information and republish this Bulletin here at the same website address.

So "Bookmark" this site and return often.

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