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Medicines/Nutritional Side Effects


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Commonly Used Medicines and Possible Nutritional Side Effects

Drug: Analgesics- (aspirin, ibuprofen) - for pain

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Gastrointestinal (stomach and gut) distress, anemia, & loss of appetite

Drug: Cardiovascular agents- (digoxin, captopril, atenolol) - for heart trouble

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Changed sense of taste, loss of appetite, lightheadedness that may limit daily activities like cooking

Drug: Laxatives- for irregularity

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Loss of body fluids and essential minerals such as potassium, which can affect heart function

Drug: Antacids- (bicarbonate of soda, calcium carbonate) - for indigestion

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: With excessive use, loss of essential vitamins and minerals, heart and kidney problems, muscle weakness

Drug: Sedative, antianxiety and antipsychotic drugs- (lithium, thoridazine, chlorpromazine) - for sleep, emotional and thinking problems

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Appetite changes, weight changes and thirst

Drug: Respiratory agents- (theophylline) - for breathing problems such as asthma or COPD

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Rapid heart rate, nervousness, decreased appetite, light headedness that may limit daily activities

Drug: Anti-inflammatories- (prednisone, other corticosteroids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAIDs], aspirin)- for conditions such as arthritis

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Increased appetite, iron-deficiency anemia, thirst, fluid retention, weight gain and potential problems with kidney function

Drug: Diuretics- (furosemide [Lasix], Dyazide) - for fluid retention

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: appetite loss, weight loss, mineral loss (for example, potassium) and thirst

Drug: Vitamin and Mineral supplements- for specific deficiencies diagnosed by a doctor;  vitamins and mineral supplements do not take the place of a well-balanced diet

Possible Nutritional Side Effect: Potential toxicity in large doses, reduced effectiveness of certain prescription drugs

Thanks to Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories for your help in gathering this information.