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Tips to control nausea:

1. Get up one-half hour early each day. Upon arising, sit in bed for 20-30 minutes and nibble on soda crackers. Don't rush! Take your time!
2. Do not take fluids in at all one-half hour before eating, during meals, and no sooner than a full half-hour after meals.
3. Eat slowly. Take a full three minutes between each bite (use your three minute egg timer as a visual aid).
4. Avoid foods which have caused nausea in the past (make a list if you have trouble remembering them).
5. Avoid foods which have strong, pungent odors.
6. Avoid foods or beverages high in sugar or fat.
7. AvoId daiy products (if you are lactose intolerant).
8. Take your multivitamin/minerai after meals (and not on an empty stomach).
9. If you are taking a zinc supplement, you must take it after eating, and never on an empty stomach. Hint: Try zinc lozenges, if zinc pills cause nausea.
10. Take 1/2 of a Unisom tablet (an over the counter sleeping aid) and about 25 mg of vitamin B6.

Following gastric bypass surgery, some patients experience nausea from time to time. Nausea can occur after eating the wrong type of food, too much food at one time, or eating food and drinking fluids at the same time. It can also occur for unexplainable reasons. When it does occur though, there are several things you can do to help get through this uncomfortable experience, as well as preventing it in the future.

If you have nausea associated with eating, tell your doctor. He may be able to prescribe a medicine to help move food through your stomach easier.