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WLS - Information
Foul Smelling BM's


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Foul Smelling Bowel Movements:

Tips to control foul smelling bowel odors:

1. Take 50 mg of zinc twice a day.
(zinc supplements must be taken on a full stomach to prevent nausea. Zinc lozenges may be tolerated better than zinc pills)
2. Use a deodorizing spray or other products from the following list:
Scentex matches (carry in purse or pocket)
O3 by Scentex [Chicago (small purse size spray)]
Ozium [small size (usually not as good as the others)]
Arm & Hammer Spray (for home bathroom use)
Citrace by Dow [(not in retail market -- may get through hospital supply) for home bathroom use]
Pine Sol Liquid (pour into toilet after using bathroom)

Foul smelling bowel movements after gastric bypass surgery may be caused by undigested, fermented food. It usually has a very high starch content.
Public restrooms are not as bad as one might think. They usually have good water pressure and you can flush often. Remember to be prepared and be considerate of those around you.