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Tips To Control Diarrhea

1. Avoid high sugar or high fat foods or beverages.
2. Avoid untreated milk and dairy products (milk products not treated with the enzyme lactase).
3. Avoid eating and drinking at the same time (stop fluids a minimum of one-half hour before meals and do not resume fluids until a minimum of one-half hour after meals).
4. Avoid spicy foods.
5. Avoid caffeine.
6. Take Metamucil or Metamucil Wafers (an over the counter high vegetable fiber supplement) as follows: one serving A.M./one serving P.M. If diarrhea persists after three days, call your surgeon.
7. Try BRATT Diet for a day or two [Bananas (ripe), Rice, Applesauce (unsweetened), Tea (decaffeinated), and Toast (whole wheat)]. If diarrhea persists after three days, call your surgeon.
8. Take two or more tablespoonful (one ounce) of cultured yogurt or cultured buttermilk four times a day for four days.

Diarrhea can sometimes be a problem after gastric bypass surgery. It can be triggered from eating the wrong types of food or beverages such as high sugar or fat foods/beverages. It can also be triggered by eating solid food and drinking at the same time. Diarrhea can also occur after eating or drinking milk products that have not been treated with the enzyme "lactase" (which helps break the milk sugar lactose down so you can tolerate it). Diarrhea may even be triggered after eating spicy foods or from drinking beverages high in caffeine. Even if you watch all these areas, diarrhea can still occur if you are not getting enough fiber in your diet. It may be difficult to take in enough fiber from your diet right after surgery since you cant eat very much at that time. However, if you are having a chronic problem with diarrhea, try Metamucil one serving in the A.M. and one serving in the P.M. daily till the problem clears up. If the diarrhea has not cleared up within three days, call your surgeon.


The cultured yogurt and cultured buttermilk contain "friendly" bacteria which can help your body get rid of the "bad bacteria which may be causing the diarrhea. If it is not helping within three days, call your surgeon.